Die NASA blockiert seit Jahren die Herausgabe von Klimadaten - Jetzt fängt sie sich eine Klage ein  
Die NASA und hier besonders das NASA-Institut GISS haben drei Jahre lang FOIA-Anfragen (Freedom Of Information Act) bezüglich Klimadaten ignoriert, obwohl sie dazu verpflichtet waren.

Jetzt hat das Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), eine konservative amerikanische Denkfabrik, Klage beim Distriktgericht von Columbia wegen der Nichtherausgabe der Daten eingereicht.

Washington, D.C., May 27, 2010 — The Competitive Enterprise Institute today filed a lawsuit to force NASA to produce records related to last year's "ClimateGate" scandal -- records the agency has refused to produce for nearly three years.

In its complaint CEI calls for government transparency "about climate science, particularly now, when debate about climate change and ‘cap and trade’ legislation has captured sustained national attention.”

“NASA is accountable to the taxpayers and to the public" and “should not be free to treat its FOIA obligations with contempt.”

The lawsuit arises out of three CEI Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, initiated in August 2007 and originally seeking internal documents about NASA improperly boosting U.S. temperature data in this decade. Five months after the first request, CEI sought documents concerning Dr. Gavin Schmidt, a taxpayer-funded NASA researcher who, chief among other NASA scientists, spends working hours running and writing for a third-party website (RealClimate.org) that was created to defend the now-debunked "Hockey Stick" temperature graph.

After CEI submitted this FOIA request, timestamps were retroactively removed from Real Climate posts. CEI is presenting the Court with original website postings that establish how NASA facilities and staff, at taxpayer expense, are being employed to push a specific policy agenda.


Die Luft für die Klimaastrologen wird immer dünner.

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